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Idaho, Alabama, Wisconsin Advance Anti-Trans Youth Bills, Including Life In Prison Punishment For Providing Puberty Blockers

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Idaho Press. “I applaud those parents and their courage, as well as the young people who have let their parents know, ‘I think I’m a little different.”“Can we just cut Florida off?”“Can we just ban Texas from the US?”“Can we just remove Idaho from—?”When are y’all gonna realize these aren’t isolated, state-specific problems?This is a coordinated, nationwide attack against trans people.The bill’s sponsor, Rep.

Bruce Skaug, continued reporting the false conflation of puberty blockers, which is reversible and the most common treatment for trans youth, and chemical castration while voicing his support for the measure.

He also referenced gender-affirming surgeries, which are not performed on trans minors, as procedures regularly approved for trans youth.Skaug also dressed his approval as preserving children’s ability to reproduce in the future as “a fundamental right.” Rep.

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