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Hungary's rightwing rulers downplay MEP 'gay orgy' scandal amid hypocrisy accusations

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“gay orgy” in Brussels prompted accusations of hypocrisy.“What our representative, József Szájer, did has no place in the values of our political family.

We will not forget nor repudiate his 30 years of work, but his deed is unacceptable and indefensible,” said Orbán on Wednesday evening.

He said Szájer had left the party. He had already resigned as an MEP over the weekend.Orbán’s government has enacted a range of legislation over the past decade infringing on LGBT rights, and Szájer boasted of personally rewriting Hungary’s constitution to define marriage as a heterosexual institution in 2011.That made it all the more embarrassing when he was caught by Brussels police shinning down a drainpipe to escape a gay orgy last Friday.

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