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‘Heartstopper’s’ Joe Locke gets a surprise shout-out at a concert and the crowd goes wild

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Joe Locke’s turn as gay teen Charlie Spring in Netflix‘s wildfire success Heartstopper has touched plenty of hearts across the globe, and at a recent concert he got to feel the appreciation firsthand.“Bang Bang” singer Jessie J stopped her show in Douglas, Isle of Man on Saturday to thank the actor for his inspiring work:joe locke changing people’s lives.

crying.— em (@taIesofbasingse) May 30, 2022The singer decided not delve too deeply into the details, instead leaving the sentiment at appreciation for his “helping someone really close to [her].”The two went on to have a cute little interaction in their Instagram stories, with Locke calling Jessie J the “best vocalist alive.”The talented @JessieJ responded to @joelocke03— WhyAmILikeThis (@ColorsOfYou_) May 30, 2022Fans took to social media to say how proud they are of Locke’s sudden rise and to reiterate just how many people his role has helped…from a normal guy to being on a netflix show that has positively changed so many people’s lives, having over 2.5m followers, being thanked by jessie j & the list goes on.

i’m so proud of him and it’s only just the beginning— tim hugged kit (@nickscolour) May 30, 2022literally me when the camera panned to u ur so lovely— loz (@lozlocke) May 30, 2022“you’re a wonderful person and you’re helping someone close to me” ☹️☹️☹️ so true joe she spoke for a lot of people here— em bash’s publicist (@sprjngnelson) May 30, 2022imagine going from just a normal guy from the isle of man one year to being so famous that jessie j stops her concert to Thankyou for Helping somebody close to her .

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