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Health advice for pregnant trans and non-binary people ‘blocked’ by NHS bosses

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NHS bosses allegedly ‘blocked’ the publication of health advice for pregnant trans and non-binary people for almost a year. Resources were collated for from research into the issues affecting pregnant people who do not identify as either male or female.

However, almost a year after the completion of the online pages, they are yet to be published. An NHS whistleblower has claimed that this is because of transphobic views held by senior figures within management, The I paper reported. “We publish information about all sorts of health conditions, we have a big pregnancy section, and things would never take a year, or this long, to go through,” the person stated. “This was a big piece of research, made by speaking to a whole range of people – different genders – to understand their user needs.” Fears over the information not being published were expressed in a virtual meeting held by some of the staff members waiting to do so. “I’m waiting to see if someone spills the beans on the senior individuals who are blocking our trans pregnancy content section which has been ready to release for too long,” one manager stated, according to a screenshot seen by The I.

The website currently has no advice for trans men who are pregnant. When approached by GAY TIMES for comment, a spokesperson for the NHS shared links to four pages related to having a baby if you are an LGBTQ+ person: Having a baby if you’re LGBT+ Ways to become a parent if you’re LGBT+ Testosterone and pregnancy Chestfeeding if you’re trans or non-binary “The NHS website provides information for everyone, and we add pages to the site to keep it in line with the best clinical evidence and make it as helpful as possible to everyone who needs it,” the

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