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Gender Is Determined at Birth, Say a Growing Number of Americans: Poll

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Republicans and older people are much more likely to say gender should correspond to the sex assigned at birth than Democrats and younger adults.The increase doesn't necessarily indicate a backlash against transgender and non-binary people from the majority of the American public.Eight in 10 adults across the political spectrum and in all age cohorts, according to the survey, believe that trans people are discriminated against in American society.

A majority of the poll's respondents also said they support laws that would protect trans people from discrimination in jobs, housing and public spaces.Half of the people who believe gender identity equals the sex assigned at birth do support laws that would protect trans people from being discriminated against in certain areas of society.Of those saying that gender should reflect the sex assigned at birth, one in four believes forms and online profiles should include options other than "male" or "female" for people who don't identify as either.

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