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Game-changers: The rise of queer gamers

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The Sims ushered in a new era of self-expression for queer gamers Despite many people being under the impression that the world of video games is one mostly occupied by straight men, the gaming sphere is awash with queer gamers – sometimes also self-identifying as “gaymers”. Not only does this demographic account for 10% of all gamers, according to a recent poll, but 21% of people in the video games industry also identify as LGBTQIA+ or queer gamers.

It stands to reason, then, that the gaming industry would be at least as queer as the so-called “real world”, where approximately 10% of people identify as being a part of a sexual minority group.

Perhaps the key difference between being LGBTQ in the gaming world and being openly so IRL (“in real life”) is that there is a certain freedom associated with expressing a gender identity or sexuality that is different from what a still predominantly heteronormative society dictates.

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