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Donja R. Love is rewriting the narrative on Black, queer, and HIV-positive representation in theater

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When we think of Donja R. Love, a few words come to mind, such as innovative, trailblazing, and fierce.Unapologetically, Black, queer, and HIV-Positive, the Philadelphia-born playwright discovered that, even when he failed to find the right words to say out loud, writing became his superpower.

And he’s flexed that power quite a bit.“And also — when I was younger, I had a really bad stuttering problem. And for a few years, I actually didn’t talk and I would write down whatever I was thinking.

I never made that connection of, ‘Even at this young age, you’re being set up for your purpose of writing’, until I became HIV positive”, Love said in an interview.Love studied African American Studies and Theatre at Temple University, ultimately departing the school before graduating.

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