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Dominque Jackson Is Ready to Educate Audiences on The Book Of Queer

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way back — all the way to the very beginning. That’s why The Book of Queer, a five-episode docuseries which highlights some of our most important histories (with plenty of laughs and some musical numbers, because of course) is not to be missed.It’s the importance of celebrating and knowing our history that initially drew in Dominique Jackson, who narrates the final episode of the project, in the first place. “This is not only for the young, it’s for everyone, it educates on a universal scale.

It gives us the idea — not the idea — but the fact that we have been here for a very long time. And we have not just been taking up space, we have been contributing to society, to culture, to progress ever since day one,” she tells The Advocate.Model, actor, author, and activist, Jackson shot to fame with her portrayal of Elektra Abundance on FX’s legendary and groundbreaking series Pose.

Although she’s a part of queer history now, there was a time that she would have done anything for a show like The Book of Queer. “Growing up, I looked for validation,” says Jackson. “I even read through the Bible and stuff like that, because I had to find some reason to prove that we were here.” Finding the story of Joan of Arc was a revelation, and in her episode, Jackson gets the opportunity to pass that story on to the audience. “I came across the story of Joan of Arc, and it was like...

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