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Disney Gave at Least $250K to Senators That Voted for 'Don't Say Gay' Bill

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Senate and is widely expected to be signed into law by GOP Governor Ron DeSantis—sparked national condemnation from LGBTQ advocates who say the bill will further harm young members of the community and punish students who mention anything related to sexual orientation or gender identity.Disney, which operates its theme park Walt Disney World near Orlando, has come under scrutiny for making political donations to key co-sponsors of the bill.Disney donated at least $253,850 to the senators who voted to pass the bill.

The donations were made through the company's various subsidiaries including Disney Destinations LLC and Disney Photo Imaging LLC.The donations included $5,500 to Senator Dennis Baxley, who introduced the bill, according to data from the nonprofit OpenSecrets, which tracks political donations.Senate President Wilton Simpson, who voted for the bill, received $21,500 in donations from Disney.

Senators Manny Diaz Jr. and Debbie Mayfield also received more than $20,000 from Disney throughout their various political campaigns.The donations have prompted calls to boycott the company, as its CEO Bob Chapek has not publicly condemned the legislation.Disney heiress Abigail Disney, the grandniece of company founder Walt Disney, also condemned Chapek on Twitter after the bill was passed Tuesday."Nothing about the don't say gay bill or about Chapek's memo is consistent with any of these values.

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