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Daily PrEP is Good But for Many, the New Longterm Injectable is Better

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There have been several inherent problems with the oral versions of PrEP:So, it is obvious why an alternative to PrEP pills has been needed, and Cabotegravir comes with many advantages:As with all new FDA-approved drugs, approval by insurance companies will be the biggest initial barrier that will need to be overcome, but I am hoping that the superiority of Apretude will be its biggest advantage, i.e., "selling point", while seeking prior authorizations with prescription plans.Unfortunately, our work is cut out for us during this COVID pandemic, which has thwarted previously comprehensive HIV testing efforts, resulting in more falling out of care/becoming lost-to-follow-up and has disrupted the supply chain of HIV medications.

If EVERYONE with HIV is tested and diagnosed, EVERYONE can have access to HIV therapy that 100 percent prevents HIV transmission to uninfected individuals.

BUT health inequities, stigma and discrimination remain the biggest barriers to ending one of the deadliest pandemics in the history of the world.Over the years, we have made monumental progress in treating and destigmatizing HIV, but it’s important to recognize that it’s still a serious disease affecting millions worldwide.

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