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Conservative Pundit Says Trans People Are to Blame for Inflation

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supply chain issues caused by the pandemic, as is largely believed by economists — it’s transgender people. Kirk explains on his show, “there’s a lawmaker and a designer, and being Christians, we believe those laws were made to be followed for our flourishing and our prosperity….

Outside of the religious component of this, there are laws of economics,” as Media Matters reports.He goes on to explain that we don’t get to “determine your own reality,” and for that reason he both opposes transgender equality and connects it to inflation. “So there’s a direct connection to inflation and the trans issue,” he said. “You say, ‘Charlie, come on.

They couldn’t be further apart.’ No, they’re exactly the same.”“They’re the same in this aspect – when you believe that men can become women, why wouldn’t you also believe that you could print wealth?

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