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Charlie Kirk Says Nationwide Trans Issues Are Connected to High Inflation

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America's rising inflation to the transgender movement, saying "they're exactly the same."On Wednesday's episode of The Charlie Kirk Show, the host said that the country's "trans issue" is really "an issue of reality," adding that people aren't allowed to change their own reality.

Without clearly explaining it, Kirk said there's a direct link between inflation and transgender identity.Kirk began by saying poor people can't one day say "I'm rich" and it becomes true.

He added that there has to be evidence as to whether someone is rich or poor. He then related that ideology to trans people."And one of the reasons we've been so insistent against this idea you can change your gender, or change your sex, or change both of them, is that when you start to indulge in the belief that you could become whatever you want and reality is subjective, not objective, you're going to have ramifications that nobody anticipated or intended," Kirk said.Kirk's argument lacks depth in explaining what outcomes he thinks will happen to trans people.

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