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Celebrity Melbourne Gay Couple Invited Me For A Threesome, Reveals Singer Jack Vidgen

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Australia’s Got Talent star Jack Vidgen has spilled the tea on Grindr hookups, orgies and getting invited to a threesome by a celebrity gay couple from Melbourne.Vidgen, winner of Australia’s Got Talent 2011, revealed on drag queen Carla from Bankstown’s OMG Bro podcast that the incident happened the first time he went to the popular Melbourne gay club Poof Doof.

A post shared by jack vidgen (@jack.vidgen)‘I went home with a couple that I would just say is, in the public eye, gay,” said Vidgen. “It was like an attempted threesome, when I say attempted, I was a bit young, like 20, and I just chickened out, because they were a couple as well, so I felt weird, I felt bad.”Vidgen said that it was not because he was against orgies. “I have had orgies since, but this was my first time in that kind of scenario.

It was at like a kick-ons, and other people were in the rest of the house and we were in the bedroom. They were a couple, I felt weird.

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