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British Police Officer Who Seduced Gay Rape Survivor

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A gay sexual assault survivor was allegedly seduced by a police officer with the Sussex Police’s Sexual Offences Investigation Team, who asked him to share explicit photographs.The officer investigating the case “did a caring, empathetic interview,” with the man.“In the weeks that followed, he was just amazing,” the man said. “He got me.” Later on when the man logged onto Grindr, he noticed a blank profile, named “BiCurious39”,  and started a conversation.

As the conversation progressed he realised it was the officer investigating his rape case. The officer encouraged the man to send explicit photographs and the officer even told the man that sex with him would “help him heal and regain his sex drive.”Officer ChargedThe man became distressed and reported the officer to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC).At the review hearing, the officer was charged with “gross misconduct” with the penalty being instant dismissal.According to the report, “As the officer had already been dismissed from the force for another, unrelated case, no further action was taken.

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