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Bette Midler Divides Fans by Saying Trans-Inclusive Language Erases Women

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sequel Hocus Pocus 2, got thousands of people talking within hours of sending her tweet. The original post by the 76-year-old performer started off in all caps."WOMEN OF THE WORLD!" She wrote to her 2.1 million followers on Monday afternoon, "We are being stripped of our rights over our bodies, our lives and even of our name!

They don't call us 'women' anymore; they call us 'birthing people' or 'menstruators,' and even 'people with vaginas.'"Midler continued: "Don't let them erase you!

Every human on earth owes you!"The comments sparked mass debate in the comments section and across Twitter with tens of thousands of people commenting on and retweeting other comments.WOMEN OF THE WORLD!

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