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Barry’s NoHo Hank: Just Another in a Series of Gay Television Mobsters

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Barry, was revealed to be gay. Hank, played by actor Anthony Carrigan, is the eclectic, naïve, and over-the-top leader of the Chechen mob in Los Angeles.

He is also a ruthless killer, and while he comes across fun-lovingly, he’s anything but.The revelation that he was gay was treated as no big deal by title character Barry, played brilliantly by Bill Hader, who also co-created the show.

Hader’s Barry is a hired hit man, so his interactions with Hank are not only comedic but violent, or rooted in violence.Hank confirmed my suspicions — my gaydar went off with him in season 1 — that he was gay when he was outed in the season 3 opener.

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