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‘Anything’s Possible’ Review: Billy Porter Expands the Possibilities of Teen Romance in Trans High School Movie

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Peter Debruge Chief Film CriticKelsa, the protagonist of Billy Porter’s “Anything’s Possible,” played by Eva Reign, has already dealt with most of the tough obstacles to claiming her identity as a trans girl: She admitted it to herself, she told her mom (a ferociously supportive Renée Elise Goldsberry), she took the blockers and the hormones, and she went back to the same school where people had previously known her as a boy.

She doesn’t like it when people call her “brave” (which is what her new name means, incidentally), but she had to be to do all that.Now Kelsa just wants to blend in and be an “average” girl, even if the film she carries is a sparkling celebration of in-your-face individuality.

The truth is, Kelsa’s denying herself a huge part of the average high school experience by avoiding things — like falling in love — that she anticipates being unusually complicated for someone in her position.

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