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Ann Coulter is losing it on Twitter right now over a bunch of gay guys singing

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Ann Coulter’s at it again.Very late last night, she tweeted a clip of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus’ satirical “We’re coming for your children” performance that circulated online last summer.“Is this real?” the dragon lady wrote. “What IS this?”Is this real?

What IS this?— Ann Coulter (@AnnCoulter) April 14, 2022The San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus posted a music video titled “A Message From the Gay Community” to its YouTube channel in July 2021.

The song, meant to be satire, boasted about how the LGBTQ community planned to “convert the children” of conservatives and they were “coming for them.”Related: This very funny gay chorus video got a whole lot of right wingers seeing redThe joke didn’t quite land with audiences and the video drew swift backlash, mostly from conservatives, but also from some liberals who felt it was in poor taste.

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