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An LGBTQ+ Guide to Celebrating the Best of Miami

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“No se. No habla.” I smiled at the older Black gentleman who had asked me a question in Spanish. It was the second time this had happened in Miami’s Little Havana, and I scrambled to find a response instead of just staring blankly, like I had with the first guy.

People don’t often assume this born-and-raised Texan speaks Spanish, but it was oddly comforting. This city felt at ease with my Black, queer energy.

It was my first time in Miami, and I was amazed at how gay it all felt. My first stop was The Palace Bar, a restaurant on the Miami Beach oceanfront that I immediately recognized from TikTok. ( It was drizzling, but that didn’t stop the queens from doing backflips in heels — one even stopped under a falling stream and let it wash over her like in Flashdance.

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