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All 20 Of This Year's Oscar-Nominated Performances, Ranked

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The Academy Award nominations have been announced, and while some things have certainly changed this year (eight categories are being cut from the telecast and we've got three hosts — which is three more than we had last year), the Oscars are mostly business as usual with a new crop of 20 freshly minted acting nominees duking it out for the four Oscar statuettes.

In the fray this year, we have two husband/wife pairings, two openly queer women, a deaf man, four cast members of The Power of the Dog, four Spider-man franchise actors, seven previous winners, 11 previous nominees, eight actors playing real people, six actors doing accents, and of course, one actor who bathed with Bronco Henry's old handkerchief.

The supporting and lead performances are all mixed in here, so I'm not necessarily looking for who had the most air time, but rather who did the most with the time they were given.

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