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'Alien' Movie Fans Shocked To Discover Iconic Character Was Transgender

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Alien was released in movie theaters back in 1979 to critical and commercial acclaim, with audiences gripped by the film's unique mix of sci-fi and horror.It was the movie that helped make Sigourney Weaver and Ridley Scott household names, and one that kicked off a franchise that has so far spawned three direct sequels, two crossover films and another pair of prequels in the decades since.The Alien universe is set to be revisited again soon with the arrival of a brand new television series which is being written and directed by Noah Hawley, best known for his work on the Fargo spin-off show.In the meantime, fans are continuing to pore over the original films and, in particular, Alien and its highly successful sequel, 1986's Aliens, which was written and directed by James Cameron.One scene in particular has proven to be the source of some interest on Reddit after an eagle-eyed fan spotted a key detail in Aliens that shed further light on a character from the original movie.The scene takes place when—SPOILER ALERT—Weaver's character Ellen Ripley is tasked with explaining to the mining company she works for, Weyland Yutani, why she was forced to blow up her ship, the Nostromo, in the first film and why she is the sole survivor from the incident.During the scene, which sees Ripley attempt to warn the company executives about the presence of the deadly Xenomorphs that featured in the first film, a series of character bios can be seen on the screen behind her.Each one relates to one of her now-deceased crew members, offering up details about their background going into the mission.

It's when the bio flashes up for Joan Lambert, the Nostromo's navigator, played by Veronica Cartwright, that things get interesting.As user.

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