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Age-appropriate ways of discussing queer identities with kids

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Parents and guardians are often unsure of how to broach the subject of sexuality, gender and queer identities with children, not least because this might in some way open the door to talk to them about sex.

That’s a topic so notoriously uncomfortable that we still refer to this discussion as talking about “the birds and the bees”, despite being two decades into the 21st century. While discussing queer identities might for some fall into the sphere of what is considered “sensitive” subject matter, it is never too early to start talking about gender and sexuality to children – but age-appropriate responses and discussions will definitely help to make this ongoing discussion one that doesn’t just teach kids the basic aspects of gender and different attractions, but also instils important values in them from a young age.

Why discussing queer identities with kids is important Children today grow up in a wholly different society than the one their parents or the older people in their lives did.

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