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8 queer movie villains we actually kinda love

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Once upon a time in Hollywood, LGBTQ people didn’t exist, at least on screen.Early censorship codes labeled queerness as a topic far too explosive for the movies.

Still, that didn’t mean LGBTQ people didn’t sneak into a movie or two, usually as a cold-blooded killer. Thus began the unpleasant trope of seeing queer people on screen as ruthless villains.Related: Rosamund Pike & Eiza González on how to play a gay villain without being a homophobeFortunately, times–and movies–have evolved to show LGBTQ heroes too.

We still have a bit of discomfort when it comes to queer baddies, though some have managed to endear themselves to us. Like these fine folks.None of the villains profiled below are exactly people we’d want to be friends with.

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