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20 Twitter users name the celebs they’d turn gay for

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Bad Bunny after the Puerto Rican trap star locked lips with a male backup dancer at the MTV VMAs.And in 2019, a straight male concertgoer apparently shouted out that he’d turn gay for singer Troye Sivan. (“Troye was like, ‘I don’t think that’s how it works, but OK,’” an eyewitness tweeted.)These homo-curious hall passes might just be empty promises, of course, or they might be expressions of heteroflexiblity, an increasingly popular sexual identity.Or these comments might be dispatches from deep in the closet, as one Twitter user observed. “Anyone else used to tell your friends ‘I’m not gay, but I’d turn gay for _____,’ but in reality you were just gay and couldn’t say it?” that user asked.(True confessions: During his closeted, college-era days, this Queerty writer said in a truth-or-dare game that he’d go gay for Daniel Craig… and was relieved to get a nod of agreement from a straight male in the group.)Anyway, here are those tweets, some of which include the Twitter users’ photographic rationale…I promise I’m not gay but if Bad Bunny tried to kiss me I’d probably let him— Alexxx (@Alexxx871) August 29, 2022Any man who says he wouldn't turn gay for Dave Grohl is a liar— Listen, Dan… ?? (@anon_opin) April 7, 2021I’m just gonna say it.

I would go gay for Zendaya ANY day ?— reilly (@reillysalvo) February 18, 2022i'd turn gay for Cillian Murphy in a split second— raja (@rajaaaax) August 18, 2020Related: Five reasons every straight man should go gay at least once or five timesIstg I'm straight but this woman makes me question eveything pic.twitter.com/kVWZUxS6zE— Isha¹³? (@ishaadorestay) August 29, 2022i swear i'd turn gay for her pic.twitter.com/1yPYmkcCDg— ?? (@jungIibiIIi) July 11, 2020i would go gay for frank ocean.his.

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