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14 Unintentionally Funny Moments From "Heartstopper"

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Heartstopper tells the coming-of-age story of a group of high school friends — many of whom happen to be queer. If high school drama isn't up your alley, that's perfectly fine, because this show has very little of it and instead focuses on friendships and first loves.Jenny Walser delivers every single one of her lines perfectly.For context, I had no idea Olivia Colman was in this show, so when she just appeared out of the blue, I literally burst out laughing.

A true gay icon!I know the N stands for "Nick," but I’m sure the prop people also wanted you to think "Netflix."Does anyone actually conclude their Google search like this?

Also, shoutout to BuzzFeed.AJDBSJSBSISBFC. Enough said.Is this something teenagers actually do in the UK? Am I just out of the loop?

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